Welcome to the Grand James Lions Society

This is a simple message to the friends in our community and to the members we have in our organization for the last 15 years. We are a new society for working professionals to give back to their community.

Since our inception in 1999, we have held over 45 charitable events for communities around the country.

Not only are we members of our community, we're proud our community and country. We act to be generous, selfless and compassionate to those in our community. Our goal as professionals is to have a better society and a better standard of living for the people that live in our neck of the woods.

The chance to be part of our organization is easy. We are looking for members that are already active in our community. You must be a professional, with high energy and a positive attitude. We meet bi-weekly at the Community Center.

Our Philosophy

We are not a normal society trying to better our community. We have a very specific philosophy that we follow. Raising money is one thing and we do a good job at that, but we feel that there needs to be a better approach to the way charitable earnings are distributed.

The money that we distribute goes to the most influential and effective groups to do the job. We don't want to just throw money around, we are trying to create a better future. This requires the best type of work from our society.